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Hide bottom bar in SwiftUI

Published: at 05:16 AM

In UIKit world we are so used to hide bottom bar (aka TabBar) when we push to a new view controller. It’s pretty simple:

// DestinationViewController
func viewDidLoad() {


  self.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = true

And in SwiftUI world, we need to make a little change:

  .toolbar(.hidden, for: .tabBar)

Sometimes you may find it doesn’t work well, the bottom bar is gone when we pushed to DestinationViewController, but when we pop back, the bottom bar never shows up. In this case, we need to double check this point:

NavigationStack {
  NavigationLink {
        .toolbar(.hidden, for: .tabBar)
  } label: {
    Image(systemName: "archivebox")

Always use NavigationStack instead of legacy NavigationView, and the problem is gone.