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Tools I used for icon management.

Published: at 02:17 PM

As an indie hacker who has developed several iOS and macOS apps, finding and organizing my image assets has been a problem. Today I will introduce a tool that has helped me greatly with this issue. It’s Nucleo.

What’s Nucleo

main Nucleo is a cross-platform icon manager. It supports Windows and Apple platforms. We can use this app to search, manage, and export the icons we need.

Nucleo icon library

Nucleo has two build-in major icon libraries, which includes 6000+ icons. The icons are categorized by it’s styles: outline, fill, and color. That essentially covers all my daily development needs.


All the icons are nicely categorized with multiple tags, so we can directly search for everything we need. It’s super easy.

Nucleo icon customize

Another amazing feature for Nucleo is, we can customize the icons if we are not satisfied with the original icon. We can change the line weight, change the foreground and background color, and strokes. customize

Nucleo icon project management

Nucleo has a built-in project management system. We can create individual projects for my programming projects. Then I will add icons into divided projects, so I can pack them up and export in the future. project

This is a killer feature for me. Since I can manage my icon assets here, instead of holding them in a random folder.

Nucleo icon export

Nucleo supports a multitude of export formats, including png / svg / json and even more. For mobile and web developers, Nucleo can directly export @2x @3x and webp assets, which can be imported to projects. export

Nucleo price

Nucleo has several price plans. As an indie hacker, I don’t need to share icons and projects with other teammates, so I opted for the basic one-time purchase option, which costs $89.